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Some recent notable books on preaching (listing here does not preclude a future review)

Augustine’s Preached Theology (2022) by J. Patout Burns (William Eerdmans) ISBN 978-0-8028-8022-2. 392 pages. £36.99.

Augustine preached regularly for almost forty years. His sermons are quite unlike his written treatises; in them he aimed to appeal to the non-literate who relied solely on their memories not written texts. Establishing a relationship between holy Scripture and lived experience was his constant aim. In this book a renowned Augustine scholar examines how the great bishop’s theology was developed in his preaching.


Taking Up Preaching: The Spheres of the Preaching Life (2023) by Blayne A. Banting (Wipf and Stock) ISBN 978-1-6667-7173-2. 176 pages. £21.00.

How preachers might understand their roles and identities in a rapidly changing world. With so much changing so radically, what cannot change and how might preachers influence what must change?


Preaching Romans from Here: Diverse Voices Engage Paul’s Most Famous Letter (2023) by Lisa Bowens, Scot McKnight and Joseph B. Modica (Cascade Books) ISBN 978-1-7252-5817-4. 202 pages. £23.00.

This book gives voice to a whole range of perspectives on Paul’s famous letter. It aims to give voice to understandings with which many are unfamiliar.


Preaching and the Mission of God: Faithful Witness after Christendom (2023) by David R. Fields ISBN 978-1-6667-5541-1. 190 pages. £21.00.

This book sees the Bible as a document developed in a missionary context for a missionary purpose. Out of that understanding it offers a mission-shaped vision for preaching and describes the tools needed to contextualise the gospel in our post-Christendom context.


Humor Us! Preaching and the Power of the Comic Spirit (2023) by Alyce M. Mckenzie and Owen Hanley Lynch (Westminster John Knox Press) ISBN 978-0-6642-6701-8. 254 pages. £22.00.

Humour as a force for good in its rightful place in the pulpit! This both analyses how humour works and demonstrates very practical ways for preachers to use it.


Redeeming Violent Verses: A Guide for Using Troublesome Texts in Church and Ministry (2023) by Eric A. Seibert (Westminster John Knox Press) ISBN 978-0-6642-6468-0. 200 pages. £21.00.

What should we do with scriptural passages that sanction genocide or praise individuals for killing other people? The author focusses on ways to use texts of violence in church contexts and beyond. It tackles a very difficult issue head-on and suggests practical and edifying ways of using these most difficult of texts.


How to Preach: Times, Seasons, Texts and Contexts (2023) by Samuel Wells (Canterbury Press) ISBN 978-1-7862-2521-4. 320 pages. £22.99.

A practical and inspiration manual for preaching in a wide range of contexts. Each section offers notes on style, what the occasion demands, advice for preparation, a list of dos and don’ts, and two sample sermons.


Preaching the Gospel of Justice: Good News in Community (2024) by Jennifer L. Ackerman (Fortress Press) ISBN 978-1-5064-9567`-5.150 pages. £13.99.

Help to think about preaching the lenses of community, justice, worship and prophecy, an experienced practitioner offers resources and example sermons.

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