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A New Resource to Help You in the Demanding Ministry of Preaching: Relaunching The College of Preachers’ Blog

17:05 03/02/2021

Where do you go for encouragement, thoughtful reflection, or practical ideas to help you in your preaching ministry? We have some good news for you.

We are pleased to announce that we are (re)launching a blog for the College of Preachers’ website.

We hope it will quickly become your favourite and most trusted bookmark on your web browser - the first place you go to each week for a dose of helpful, positive input.


As a College we have 5 Core Beliefs that underlie all we do. We believe that...

1. Preaching is God's calling

2. Faithful preaching is vital to the life of the church and the sharing of the gospel

3. Preaching should be fresh, biblical and directly relevant to contemporary experience and events

4. There are different ways of preaching and it is important to explore and develop them all

5. Preachers can learn from each other.


The blog will support these aims. It will feature:

  • Articles that link-in with, and expand upon, material in The Preacher
  • Reviews of books, courses and other resources
  • CoP Tutors offering insights from their latest training courses
  • Guest pieces from influential writers, thinkers and practitioners from the world of preaching
  • Ideas to help you improve your craft
  • Devotional and theological pieces to help you reflect more deeply on your ministry


Preaching can be a challenging, frustrating and draining ministry to be involved in. It can also be rewarding, encouraging and immensely worthwhile. We all need help to stay faithful, to stay fresh, to keep going, and to keep learning as we walk with God and follow His calling. We hope that this blog will become your friend and companion on that journey.

So please bookmark the page and be sure to come back each week and check for updates.

Darren Blaney (Blog Editor)