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College of Preachers Events

Our public events and seminars are open to preachers of all denominations. The list below also includes events run by partner organisations.

We also run private events for churches and dioceses. See Training for more information.

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2024 July

Using personal stories in preaching

Saturday 13th July, 10.30-13.00 | online via Zoom

When is it appropriate to use personal stories in our preaching? How much of ourselves and our lives is it acceptable to reveal to a congregation? What if our stories involve others? Matt Allen will explore the pros and cons of autobiography when aiming to preach with authenticity. 


Matt Allen is the Blackburn Centre Lead Tutor at Emmanuel Theological College. He oversees the teaching in Preaching and Practical Theology. Prior to that he was the Director of Training in Blackburn Diocese and has been a parish Priest, including leading an Anglican-Baptist Local Ecumenical Partnership in Accrington. Matt is passionate about helping others develop their gifts for ministry. He is the co-author of The Present Preacher and is the Reviews and Resources Editor for The Preacher magazine.


Book tickets: When prompted, enter password Preach713

Ticket prices: general, £12; ministry student, £10

Booking closes 10 July 2024.

Preaching with Confidence

Tuesday 23rd July, 10.30-13.00 | online via Zoom


Starting out as a preacher can feel daunting - how can I find the right words to say? How do I construct and deliver a sermon well? This workshop will explore how we can write and deliver sermons that are engaging, faithful to scripture, and relevant to our congregations. Ideal for those just starting out in preaching, this workshop will look at some of the basics of sermon writing and delivery.


This workshop will be led by the Revd Dr Jennifer Brown. Jennifer is the Director of Training for the College of Preachers and a parish priest in the Church of England's Oxford Diocese. She has ministered in both parish and chaplaincy settings, and has over ten years' experience as a theological educator.


Book tickets:  When prompted, enter password Preach723

Ticket prices: general, £12; ministry student, £10

Booking closes 19 July 2024.

2024 September

Exploring the Big Questions in Our Preaching

Thursday 19 September, 10.30-13.00 | Online via Zoom

Workshop Leader: Martin Little

Is there a purpose to the universe? If God is good, why does evil exist? Why do the innocent suffer? What is my place in the world? Life in a complex world forces us to confront big questions, many of which have a direct relationship to faith and our spiritual life. In this workshop, Martin Little will help us discover how we can we preach about the big questions so that our congregations can find the confidence to face and explore them for themselves and discuss them with others - even if there is no clear, easy answer.


This workshop will be led by The Revd Martin Little, Vicar of St John the Evangelist in the town of Highbridge, a small church in an area of significant social deprivation within the beautiful county of Somerset. Martin studied History of Art at The University of Edinburgh, and completed an MA in Theology, Ministry, and Mission at Cranmer Hall in Durham in 2017, where he was taught by the biblical scholar Professor Walter Moberly and The Revd Dr Kate Bruce. After a short-lived stint in banking, he spent ten years in youth and music ministry before ordination in the Church of England. Together with The Revd Jo Stobart, Martin is part of the initiative Grass Roots Theology, bringing free open-access theology days to locations around Somerset.

Book tickets: When prompted enter the password Preach199.

Ticket prices: general, £12; ministry student, £10

Booking closes 16 September 2024.

2024 October

Preaching from Luke’s Gospel

Tuesday 15th October, 10.30-13.00 | Online via Zoom

Workshop Leader: Neil Richardson

Luke's Gospel opens with Luke's claim to have carefully researched the information that he sets out. What does Luke mean when he says this, and how relevant is it to our preaching from his Gospel? Luke presents us with much that is familiar - the nativity story, the parable of the Good Samaritan, the story of Mary, sitting at Jesus' feet, while Martha is busy with household tasks, the parable of the Prodigal Son, Jesus' words from the cross to the penitent thief. This workshop will look at how we can use what is familiar (and what is less familiar) in Luke's Gospel to go more deeply into the themes that Luke highlights, such as concern for the outsider. This workshop will also consider those elements that Luke's Gospel shares with the other synoptics, and what is unique to Luke's account of Jesus' life, and how we can address these similarities and differences in our preaching.


The workshop will be led by the Revd Dr Neil Richardson, Methodist minister and former President of the British Methodist Conference, in which role he co-signed with Rowan Williams the Anglican-Methodist Covenant for Unity. Neil is a New Testament scholar, and former Principal of Wesley College, Bristol. He is the author of several works, including Love Answering Love: Praying Through the Bible.

Book tickets: When prompted enter the password Preach151.

Ticket prices: general, £12; ministry student, £10

Booking closes 11 October 2024.

2024 November

Preaching for Advent & Christmas

Saturday 2 November, 10.30-13.00 | Online via Zoom

Workshop Leader: John Woods

Advent is a time of waiting, expectation, and hope. It is also a time for self-reflection and preparation for the coming of God's Kingdom. This workshop will explore how we can effectively discuss these themes in our Advent preaching, making connections with the Christmas story and the Christian belief that Jesus will return, bringing the Kingdom of God in all its fullness.


This workshop will be led by Pastor Dr John Woods. This workshop will be led by Dr John Woods. Dr Woods is the Training Director of the School of Preachers Trust. He has had four decades of experience in pastoral work in the UK and since 1993 has taught preaching in Latvia and other parts of Eastern Europe. He is the author of God is in the House.

Book tickets: When prompted enter the password Preach211.

Ticket prices: general, £12; ministry student, £10

Booking closes 28 October 2024.

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