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The Preacher

Our flagship publication, The Preacher, is published four times a year.

An invaluable resource for the contemporary preacher, each issue contains:

  • feature articles on developing your preaching, tips for improving delivery and in-depth reflections
  • lectionary sermons for the 13 Sundays following publication, with editorial comments highlighting some features of the sermons
  • reviews of books and other learning material
  • news about forthcoming events in the life of the College


Get the magazine in the post or read it online

Choose a print subscription and we'll send each issue of The Preacher straight to your home address. Or go digital and receive each issue as a PDF to download and read on your tablet or computer.


Online archive

Subscribers also gain access to The Preacher archive. There you will find an electronic copy of the printed magazine, and all back numbers since January 2008.


Save money on event tickets and selected books at

When you subscribe to The Preacher we'll give you a discount on College and selected partner events.

And you'll also enjoy free membership of the Friends of Church House Bookshop - an online discount scheme giving you a 10% discount on thousands of popular Christian books. (See for terms.)


Discounted student subscription

Students save 40% on a subscription to The Preacher. See the subscriptions page for more details.