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The Preacher is a quarterly magazine from The College of Preachers produced for the benefit and enrichment of the College’s members. Each issue features sermons, readings, suggestions for improving delivery and in-depth reflections; making each issue an invaluable resource for the contemporary preacher.  The inspirational nature of the publication has made it a favourite among readers for over thirty years.

The College of Preachers is the most recent organisation to join the Hymns Ancient and Modern group and brings with it a new type of reader.  Membership of the College embraces both professional clergy and lay affiliates drawn from a wide range of denominations and churchmanship.  Among others, The Preacher aims to enhance the ministry of Anglican, Catholic and Methodist exponents.  Not only does the College of Preachers provide invaluable, professional resources in the form of The Preacher, it also organises events and workshops throughout the year focussing on preaching and worship.


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Media pack 2022-2023 



Outside Back Cover £399

Inside Back Cover £350

First Early Right Hand page £325

Page £299

Half page (general location) £155

Quarter page (general  location) £80


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The title takes loose inserts starting at £64 per 1,000 for under 20g items.

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