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Preaching seminars for your church, diocese or district

We offer bespoke training events for churches, dioceses and districts. 

Looking for inspiration? Our most popular seminars are listed below.

Experienced tutors

Our tutors come from varying traditions and denominations - and live in different parts of the country - so we can meet a wide range of training needs.

Training tailored to you

Seminars from the College of Preachers are built around your local requirements. We run events for lay and ordained preachers, for Anglicans and Roman Catholics, for Methodist districts and United Reformed Church regions, for experienced preachers and those just beginning.

Just tell us what topics you want training in - or see below for our most popular preaching seminars.

Most of our seminars are run as one day events, but half days and weekend preaching conferences are also possible.

Contact us

If you would like to discuss the possibility of our arranging a seminar or a series of seminars for or with your organisation please contact us.


We can offer workshops or seminars on topics that include the following:

Using the Bible in preaching

  • on particular books or groups of books: e.g. each of the  gospels,  the prophets, Psalms, letters of Paul
  • on biblical themes: e.g. covenant, peace and justice, incarnation,  atonement 
  • at seasonal festivals:  Advent, Christmas, Lent & Easter, Pentecost

Engaging the hearers/congregation in preaching

  • how people listen – personality types
  • the sermon as conversation: enabling hearers to share and own the preaching

Preaching in particular cultural  contexts

  • preaching at baptisms, weddings and funerals
  • engaging with news stories and social media,  contemporary moral issues, national commemorations

Seasonal preaching

  • Preaching at Advent, Christmas and Epiphany
  • Preaching  in Lent and Easter

Different forms of preaching

  • Narrative preaching: preaching as story
  • Apologetic preaching
  • Preaching and doctrine
  • Prophetic preaching
  • Evangelistic preaching

Learning and developing as preachers

new preachers:

  • what is preaching? the calling to preach, theology of preaching
  • the basics of sermon preparation and delivery

experienced preachers:

  • taking stock of your style and content
  • exploring new approaches to preaching or different types of sermon
  • preaching as a discipline for renewing the preacher


Popular seminars

  • Basic Preaching Skills
  • Refreshing Your Preaching
  • Effective Expository Preaching
  • Switching Channels – Preaching and Popular Culture
  • Varieties of Narrative Preaching
  • Preaching on Topical Issues/ the News
  • Apologetic Preaching in a Plural Society
  • The Use of the Bible in Preaching: Old Testament/Prophets
  • The Use of the Bible in Preaching: New Testament/Gospels/Parables
  • Preaching Round the Christian Year/at the Great Festivals
  • Preaching on Difficult Texts
  • One Family One Word – Preaching in All Age Worship
  • Four Funerals, a Baptism and a Wedding – Preaching on Special Occasions
  • Working with the Congregation – the Sermon as Conversation
  • Not by the Sermon Alone – Preaching and Worship
  • Presentation skills – Voice and Body Language